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Kngine built upon the believe that there are people with questions and that there are enough information in the Web to answer them. Specially the Mobile users who need answer, not pages of links that may or may not lead to answers. Because they're on the go and often need the answer now. Therefore we decided change that


Kngine (pronounced "kin-gin") (stand for "Knowledge Engine") is knowledge engine that designed to give you direct answer for your questions.


Providing accurate and direct answer for your questions is just part of our vision, so we unlike any other Question Answer System ever built we envisioning and building Kngine to be like human.

Kngine continuously read the Web and it tries to understand its contents and build a memory of the knowledge, so when you ask it questions such as 'What is the average weight of a lion' it will understand it as you do and bring you the exact answer not links from his memory. Even when you ask him about something it doesn't know about yet, it will try to find the answer for you and will add this topic to its learning queue. Read more about our technology.


Our goal is to make Kngine able to answer every single question we ask and visualize the answer in suitable ways.

To achieve this we need to make Kngine understand natural language and knowledge (which is our broader goal). This will not only will help us in our daily life and solve the information overloading problem but also it will help scientists in their efforts to solve significant problems like Renewable Energy, Fight disease, space travel, etc.

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For business opportunities — Business@Kngine.com
For general questions — info@Kngine.com


Haytham ElFadeel
Haytham is a self-taught Computer Scientist. Prior Kngine, Haytham conducted researches in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Parallelism. Haytham's goal is to make machines as smart as humans, through Kngine.

Ashraf ElFadeel
Ashraf has been coding since he was in elementary school. Ashraf have eight years of experience in Software Engineering, Database and Networks. In the six years before before Kngine, he worked in several software companies.


Swari Ventures
Samsung Open Innovation Center
Vodafone Xone


HQ: 201 Spear Street, Suit 1600
San Francisco, CA

Engineering office: GrEEK campus, Cairo, Egypt

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